Acton Scott Village Cricket Club







The Club started touring in 1999 and usually involves playing two games, one on Saturday afternoon and one on Sunday. These have become very popular fixtures, giving a welcome mid-season break and a chance to experience cricket (amongst other things) in other parts of the country.


1999 - South Wales (Swansea)

2000 - London

2002 - Northumberland

2003 - Northumberland

2004 - South Devon

2005 - Dorset (Weymouth)

2006 - Somerset

2007 - Sussex

2008 - Norfolk

2009 - Dorset (Bournemouth)

2010 - South Wales (Cardiff)

2011 - Lancashire

2012 - Bristol

2013 - Scarborough

2014 - Cornwall (Falmouth)

2015 - Isle of Wight

2016 - Kent

2017 - Newcastle-upon-Tyne

2018 - Liverpool

2019 - Cornwall (Newquay)



2019 Tour to Cornwall



2019 Tourists

Richard Wilson - Simon Miles - Cameron Holtz - Mark Buchan - Gavin Taylor - Stuart Tomlins

James Tolley - Dill Brown - Mike Lole - Rob Morris - Jamie Wrench


Saturday morning swim for some at Tolcarne Bay



Tense moments during the Annual Golf Tournament



2019 Joint winners Simon Miles and Mike Lole







2018 Tour to Liverpool



The tour party celebrating the 20th year of touring was based at Salthouse Quay in Albert Dock - a superb location for the weekend



A few of the Tour Party keen to visit The Philharmonic !



The slightly controversial winner of the Jungle Rumble crazy golf competition

was Mike Lole


Simon Miles finds it difficult to deal with the aftermath of a Saturday night out in Liverpool



The traditional end of tour meal at the North Garden Chinese Restaurant in Liverpool's Chinatown



Laurence Farquhar overwhelmed with the celebrations on his 50th Birthday






2017 Tour to Newcastle-upon-Tyne



2017 Tourists

Simon Miles-Gavin Taylor-Luke Miles-Richard Wilson-Dill Brown-Krafft Holtz-Jamie Wrench

Cameron Holtz-Paul Davies-Tony Phillips-Rob Williams-Mike Lole-Stuart Tomlins




Jamie Wrench, Mike Lole, Tony Phillips, Simon Miles & Rob Williams

on the Quayside


The 2017 Golf Tournament in full swing at Lane 7 Newcastle



The newly crowned 2017 Champion Rob Williams receiving the Trophy

from the 2016 winner Simon Miles


Rob Williams, Tony Phillips and Mike Lole are delighted to have found The Split Chimp

which served some excellent ale and cider


The Red Diner in Chinatown playing hosts to the 2017 Acton Scott Tourists on their final night in Newcastle




2016 Tour to Kent


The Walpole Bay Hotel & Museum, the 2016 Tourists base, the epitome of Edwardian splendour

and the friendliest Hotel you could ever wish for


Margate sea front at night



Saturday night out on the town at the Cafe de China

With credit to the restaurant who conjured up a table for 12 at the drop of a hat!



The Crazy Golf Tournament with tension mounting at the final hole


Mark Buchan, who kindly donated the Trophy, presents it to the winner Simon Miles

after a hard fought frustrating 18 hole round of silly golf!



Simon Miles wins the inaugural Tour Crazy Golf Trophy

with a round of 42, four shots clear of runner up Tony Phillips



Birthday boy Cameron Holtz finds Newington's

digital scoreboard all a bit too much......


....and goes for a quiet lie down to try and work out where all those teenage years have gone





2015 Tour to the Isle of Wight



First overseas trip after 16 years of touring for Acton Scott Cricket Club


The impressive Gunwharf Quays at Portsmouth


Heading off to the Isle of Wight


The Tourists beach front base


Sandown beach


How on earth can Sandown's Fish & Chip shop run out of fish at 8.30pm on Friday night ?..........


....but hang on is there a clue in this picture?


A very happy birthday boy!


This is a prime candidate for a caption competition


Not a great amount to do in Sandown


The 2015 Golf Competition nears its climax......



......and the competitors are left to rue what might have been








2014 Tour to Cornwall


The Falmouth Hotel - the 2014 Tourists base


Falmouth harbour


No Tour would be complete without the annual crazy golf competition


Tony Phillips, Jamie Wrench & Ed Jones out on the town







2013 Tour to Scarborough



The Royal Hotel Scarborough - the 2013 Tourists base


View of Scarborough harbour from the Hotel


Scarborough's sea front with Scarborough Castle overlooking the beach


Adrian Taylor, Rob Morris & Anthony Brown


Off in search of a golf course


Scarborough Bay


Sewerby's amazing pavilion complete with electronic scoreboard


Relaxing before the big game at Sewerby



Rob Morris and Adrian Taylor decide to take the bus to the golf course


Club Captain Stuart Tomlins leading from the front


Paul Davies paying a painful price for his innings of 53 against Filey C.C.


And of course no Tour would be complete without a silly picture of Jamie -

in jazz mode at The Leeds Hotel pub






2012 Tour to Bristol


The 2012 Tourists

With no prospect of cricket.......


....its all down to The Jungle Rumble for some golf....


.....and then three hours of culture.....


........followed by 6 hours of light refreshments








2011 Blackpool Cricketless Tour


The soulless Norbreck Castle Hotel and the numberless Tram

(Photo courtesy of Blackpool Council archives c.1963)


The 2011 Tourists preparing for their visit to The Bispham Hotel with some very good fish and chips



The Bispham Hotel notable for its good beer at low prices and the very scary barmaid



  Andy Dowsett liked the Art                           Stuart Tomlins, Adrian Taylor. Anthony Brown and Rob Morris                    Rob Morris, Gavin Taylor and Krafft Holtz don't have a clue either

     Deco pub so much he left                                  trying to remember why they agreed to come to Blackpool

          wearing the mirror




                                   But as the drink flows it doesn't seem so important after all to                                                   Adrian Taylor and Anthony Brown look on admiringly

                                   Anthony Brown, Jamie Wrench, Rob Morris and Gavin Taylor                                                     as  Stuart Tomlins tries to impress the scary barmaid




                       Andy Dowsett and Simon Carless get serious about whose round it is                                                            Mike Lole and Andy Dowsett looking pleased - its not their round




                The Game



The 2011 Blackpool Touring Party


Anthony Brown with a swing and a miss


Jamie Wrench just failing to catch Krafft Holtz



Adrian Taylor playing an exquisite late cut


Mike Lole trying unsuccessfully to take his guard


Andy Dowsett pulls another one into deep square quicksand


Top scorer Jamie Wrench thinking if only all games were played on sand with a tennis ball


Drama on the pitch as dogs interrupt play


A delighted Captain Gavin Taylor receiving his trophy from the not so happy losing Captain Rob Morris



Stuart Tomlins amazing scorecards












2009 Bournemouth Tour


A little light training gets under way on big match day at The Ramada Encore


Post match analysis at The Goat and Tricycle is interrupted by the paparazzi

Ear wax disclosures from the Club Captain rock the south coast......


.......leaving a nasty taste in the mouth



.....and of course not forgetting


the Vice-Chairman's Tribute

to Michael Jackson (who has apparently died)






2008 Norfolk Tour


The seniors enjoying a night out on the town


The Mariners pub takes its toll


Even the champagne was flowing well as the Cheddar Valley cider


.......but let this be a warning


.....which seems to have hit home (note the lemonade)


......but someone forgot to warn the captain


and the Vice Captain


2007 Sussex Tour



2007 Tour Party


Captain Mike Lole leading by example yet again


The fashionable Beach Hotel who looked after the 2007 Tourists


2006 Somerset Tour



The tea interval at Combe Down C.C.


The 2006 Tour Party at Wedmore C.C.


Umpires Matt Williams and Jamie Wrench discussing the fashions of the day



2005 DorsetTour



Waiting and waiting and waiting for Tony Phillips to finish scoring his record 132 not out against Newlook C.C. on 2nd July




How the hell did he score 132 not out !


2004 South Devon Tour




July 2004 – Our match against Paignton played on their second ground, overlooked by the Dart Valley steam trains




Paul Davies on his way out to score 84 against Paignton






Stuart Tomlins returns after his 54 against South Devon at Newton Abbott




2002 Northumberland Tour  



Jamie Wrench – Andy Dowsett – Mike Lole – Tony Phillips –Nathan Wrench – Karl Jordan

Neil Sutton – Richard Wilson – Digby Chillcott – Brian Tomlins – Gavin Taylor – Stuart Tomlins – Paul Davies – Matt Williams


The Riverside Hotel and ground




Nathan Wrench provides the evidence for his first ever run for the Club


2001 Three Nations – Walsall




The Ground – convenient for the M6




The Opposition

1999 South Wales Tour


Adrian Taylor – Gavin Taylor – Andy Dowsett – Digby Chillcott – Chris Beaumont – Jim Tinnion– Tony Powell

Rob Morris – Paul Davies – Owen Williams – Mike Lole – Richard Wilson – Dave Berry





Neath C.C. v Acton Scott C.C. - July 1999